My daily juice ritual.

My daily juice ritual.

By Fiona Burrage

My daily juice ritual.

Lockdown’s left me conscious about what I consume and how it makes me feel. Making a rejuvenating juice part of my everyday has had a number of surprising benefits. 


In some ways, being stuck at home and living at a slower pace has transformed my routine for the better. Two months ago, I started slurping down a homemade juice every morning. And the results have been quite incredible. My skin’s visibly improved, I’ve got loads of energy, and I’ve noticed reduced water retention too.


Here’s the recipe I’ve been using:

1/2 cucumber

2 celery hearts

An inch of ginger 

1 apple (optional/sweetener)



There’s no denying celery’s powerful healing properties – it cleanses the digestive tract and liver – and the added ginger stimulates production of digestive enzymes too. And if you suffer from thyroid or adrenal conditions, a juice like this can make a real difference, particularly if you’re at a low ebb or feel out of balance.

Sipping on celery juice is a bit contentious though. I’m not really a fan, but I’ve become accustomed to the strong taste, and it’s masked a bit by the other ingredients. If that distinct celery flavour isn’t for you, I recommend sweetening things up with a hit of apple. Drink your juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning for maximum effect, and if you’re sensitive to celery, start off with a small glass and sip slowly.

A daily juice is just one of the ways I’ve been keeping my body and mind in good health during these unsettling times. I’ll be sharing more here over the coming weeks, so please subscribe if you want to read more.

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