‘My aim is for Sop to be a celebration of everything it stands for and all that it’s inspired by – from the Norfolk dialect to the natural environment.’

Fiona Burrage, founder


Sop was conceived and created by Fiona Burrage, photographer and creative director of Nor–Folk. The idea was sparked by the renovation of the Water Cabin, Fiona’s holiday haven on the Norfolk Broads, as a way to embellish the guest experience.


Her family’s deep connection to the local landscape is rooted in the brand’s visual and verbal language. And this intrinsic sense of place became its name – ‘Scents of place’ or Sop – a nod to Norfolk and the emotive fragrances it conjures.


Inspired by meandering rivers, vast sandy beaches, and the serene spaces in between, each product’s name is also rooted in the region, adopting Norfolk’s dialect to summon the scent and experience.