Introducing Conservation X Conversation.

Introducing Conservation X Conversation.

By Fiona Burrage

Introducing Conservation X Conversation.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Conservation x Conversation, community clean-ups from Sop – to start conversations and leave the landscape lighter.


Sop was born out of our love for the Norfolk landscape, which is why it’s always been vital to us to champion its preservation. CxC is all about leaving the landscape a little lighter through community-driven efforts to protect our wild and urban spaces and ignite conversations. As we grow, we plan to invite experts to share their knowledge about the positive impact we can have. 


This summer, with the support of our partners, we are embarking on a new initiative – a series of beach clean-ups, taking place in our home county. We’re making our clean-ups as low-impact as possible by using litter pickers, bag hoops, and beach clean bags made by Waterhaul from repurposed ocean waste.


Our first few events will be held in tandem with Mental Health Swims at Sea Palling, so volunteers can benefit from a revitalising dip and a short yoga flow, alongside protecting the flora and fauna that make this beach so special.


We’d like to thank Reuzer, Veris Strategies, Future Food Movement, Stitch Agency, Fire Pit Camp and Bread Source for their kind donations and partnering with Sop to make these events possible – and to everyone who has already shown an interest in volunteering.


This is our first foray into organising these events – and we’re here to learn too. We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve. Also, as an outdoor event, we’re at the whims of the environment and the crowds, so please be patient with us if plans need to change.


You can follow along on our dedicated Instagram account.